Meet The Team

Jonathan Wagner is the Founder and CEO of Big Bang, a platform for realtime event and data synchronization. He is a veteran of the games industry, specializing in cross-platform networking middleware for games, simulations, MMO’S, and virtual worlds. Past technology partners include: Disney, Ubisoft, Mattel, Viacom, Spinmaster and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

John DiBaggio is passionate about innovation, with interests in technology and the interwebs. Having recently graduated from the University of Kansas with a chemical engineering degree, he uses the combination of his engineering and music backgrounds to work creatively while in a technical framework.

Cole Bittel is currently a senior in mechanical engineering and will graduate in May. His interests are in machine to machine communication, realtime, and LEGO®. Cole also leads the Wakeboard Club at KU and spends his nights on and guzzling coffee.

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