The Gigabots Go to School

On Monday, July 21st, The Gigabots made a small trip to North Kansas City to visit the First Robotics team at Staley High School. The group of twenty five students—from freshmen to seniors—first had the opportunity to play with with our bots, Prime and Hans, using tablets. Camilla, however, had been disassembled since her trip to New York. The students separated into a few groups, divided up tasks, and quickly rebuilt her.

Introducing Staley High School First Robotics to The Gigabots

Students Learning about The Gigabots

After successful bot reconstruction, Jonathan presented a Super Awesome Guide to Programming to the students, in order to teach some basic principles to the majority of the students who had little to no coding experience. He also covered some basics of the JavaScript language, which lead the way directly into programming the Gigabots.

Within minutes, the students, having learned some basic JavaScript, were able to program the connected Gigabots remotely by using the console-based text editor of our Gigabots Dashboard. They started with simple API calls to make the bots beep, buzz, and even sing “Bicycle Built for Two” (the first song ever sung by a computer, in 1961), which quickly became a bit too popular…Other commands moved the bot motors in a similar manner, all remotely and in realtime.

Students then learned how to implement the touch sensor into programming robot behaviors. When the touch sensor button was pressed on the specified bot, for example, the bot would beep, or it would sing, or certain motors would move. They were able to easily create any combinations of responses they could think of and then test them out.

Programming The Gigabots

Programming The Gigabots Remotely in Realtime

Special thanks to the Staley High School Engineering department and engineering teacher Aaron Dalton for helping to arrange this pilot as well as the students of the Staley First Robotics team for joining us!


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