Introducing The Gigabots

The mission of the The Gigabots is to bring connected robotics and devices to classrooms using existing educational robotics platforms. With the availability of ultrafast gigabit connectivity, these platforms are ready to take the leap into connected computing. The resulting opportunities are vast. Students will be able to explore ideas in autonomy, swarm behavior, and remote sensing possible only with connected devices. Imagine multiple schools collaborating to build and control a robot remotely in the style of the Mars Rover challenge, or creating a distributed sensor network across a city or even the nation.

These are just two examples of the type of collaboration and communication that can arise out of The Gigabots. The past few years have generated a tremendous discussion about the future impact of the Internet of Everything (IoE).  With the support of the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund, The Gigabots is bringing IoE to students and classrooms this spring. We are very grateful to have this opportunity and are excited to participate in the Gigabit Fund.


Gigabot Prime clings tenaciously to his large green baseplate.

A Gigabot is robotics hardware integrated with custom software and a cloud service providing realtime communication. In other words, Gigabots can talk to each other, to other devices, and to you from just about anywhere. Our Gigabots team is developing a web application that enables students to control their Gigabots and obtain real­time data from them. Students can also program Gigabots and even create mashups with other robots or with existing web services and tools.

Throughout the project, we will be holding workshops with educational partners as well as public demonstrations.   Come see us at the Kansas City Google Fiber Space on June 10th 5:30pm to 7:30pm or at the Kansas City Maker Faire June 28-29. Check back here more blog posts over the coming weeks, or follow us on twitter.   Visit to learn more about realtime connectivity for almost anything.

About The Team

Jonathan Wagner is the Founder and CEO of Big Bang, a platform for realtime event and data synchronization. He is a veteran of the games industry, specializing in cross-platform networking middleware for games, simulations, MMOs, and virtual worlds. Past technology partners include: Disney, Ubisoft, Mattel, Viacom, Spinmaster and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

John DiBaggio is passionate about innovation, with interests in technology and the interwebs. Having recently graduated from the University of Kansas with a chemical engineering degree, he uses the combination of his engineering and music backgrounds to work creatively while in a technical framework.

Cole Bittel is currently a senior in mechanical engineering and will graduate in May. His interests are in machine to machine communication, realtime, and LEGO®. Cole also leads the Wakeboard Club at KU and spends his nights on and guzzling coffee.